Our N95 Traps & Inactivates the Coronavirus within seconds.

30-Days single use unless damaged or soiled.

Effective with the Flu and the Common Cold.

Outer Layer Kills Germs.

Inner Layer wicks moisture away from the face.

Excellent All-Day comfort.

Filters out common air pollution.

Traps & Inactivates Coronavirus through exhalation & inhalation.

Masks are perhaps the most important component of the personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to fight a pandemic.



Through mutual friendships and business relationships an opportunity to make a difference was born, hence the creation of Renmar Supply. Seeing the effects of the pandemic on the economy, we decided to create passive income opportunities and partner up with Affiliates to help us in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, by making effective PPE products available to First Responders, businesses, organizations and consumers alike.

We now promote the idea of Nonprofits giving away free RespoKare N95 masks. A modest margin added to the manufacturer price will financially support the Nonprofit. Tax deductible contributions from businesses, foundations and individuals to meet product MOQ (minimum order quantity).