Affiliates receive a Back-Office in which to conduct and manage their business on the go.

Affiliates can now take advantage of many tax deductions and tax strategies not available to employees. We advise Affiliates to speak with a CPA to take advantage of these tax laws and deductibles. A CPA will likely have additional strategies and recommendations.

Affiliates are able to deduct the square footage of their home office from their rent or mortgage, including costs of desks, computers, clothing, electricity bill, etc.; not to mention auto costs and expenses, leases and purchases, car washes and oil changes just to name a few.

We decided on a very generous commission structure. Affiliates can earn passive income from multiple levels by extending the opportunity to others and helping them establish their own passive incomes and multi-tier sales group.

Affiliates’ responsibility is to reach out to consumers and commercial businesses and organizations in need of our patented N95 Anti-Viral Surgical masks and other PPE products we make available.

Affiliates can use their Back-Office generated Bar-Code or registration links to register consumers and commercial businesses and organizations with their own Renmar Account password secured Back-Office where they can place orders and make adjustments on the fly, eliminating the need to contact a sales rep or the Affiliate.

Affiliates also earn commissions from sales resulting from their clients referring other consumers, businesses and organizations when these place orders through their own Renmar Account back-office.

Consumers, businesses and organizations can register as an Affiliate and create passive income streams. This is especially appealing to Non-Profits.

As new milestones are reached, we will extend lower prices and increase commission payouts where possible.