We decided to extend opportunities to Independent Contractors with an entrepreneurial mindset.

As an affiliate independent contractor, you will have your own back-office to manage and run your business from your smart phone, tablets and computers.

When Buyers refer your business, these automatically register under your sales organization.

As affiliates of the Company, you inform and educate Consumers and Buyers about our products and register them with their own Renmar Account.

As an Affiliate, your Buyers register their own Renmar Account where they can place orders and adjust orders on the fly without the need to contact a sales rep.

Buyers include consumers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, hospitals, clinics, salons, Fire Dept., Police Dept., resellers, retailers, contractors and international buyers just to name a few.

As an Affiliate independent contractor, you set your own schedule, register as many accounts as you wish and build your ideal Team sales organization for additional payouts.

Be assured that this is certainly a limited time opportunity to register as many accounts as possible for a monthly passive income.

Once an account is registered, it is taken.

Direct Sales
N95 Mask commission is $0.25 per mask.
Your Team
1st Level sales commission is $0.05 cents per mask.
2nd Level sales commission is $0.03 cents per mask.
3rd Level sales commission is $0.02 cents per mask.
Hypothetical Payouts (for illustration purposes)
Direct Sales
Accounts totaling 500 Cartons per year.
500 x $180 = $90,000.00 per year.
1st Level
10 Team Members at 500 Cartons per year each.
5000 x $36 = $180,000.00 per year.
2nd Level
100 Team Members at 500 Cartons per year each.
50,000 x $21.60 = $1,080,000.00 per year.
3rd Level
1000 Team Members at 500 Cartons per year each.
500,000 x $14.40 = $7,200,000.00 per year.
$8,550,000.00 Annual Passive Income.

Coronavirus Pandemic:

The population of the USA is now at 328.2 million (2019).

As of Nov. 17/2020: 13.2M cases with 265K deaths in the USA.

At the onset of the pandemic, the scientists were inspired with the idea that an N95 mask with anti-viral properties was key to reducing and helping curb the infection rate.

Using social media to make an impact

  1. Here is just one example how we can help bring an end to the pandemic.
  2. Just a few channels on social media offers access to hundreds of thousands of followers.
  3. YouTube (one example) has many channels:
    • addressing the pandemic
    • health & nutrition and the immune system
    • many other subjects addressing the pandemic and Covid-19
  4. These channels and bloggers participate in Affiliate opportunities and extend them to their followers.
  5. Our social media expert Eduardo Saavedra is putting together powerful campaigns to help Affiliates reach the masses of the population.

The Income Opportunity

  1. Reach 10,000 people a year through social media:
    • 10K orders = $75,000.00 every time they order.
      • A registered account generates passive income from re-orders.
      • If these people order just twice a year! = $150,000
    • It pays to help fight the pandemic!

Like the scientists behind the new N95 Anti-Viral Surgical Mask, all of us understand the need and urgency to make this N95 available to everyone.

We are hopeful that one day an effective vaccine will be developed, but even then, our N95 also helps with the flu, the cold and other infectious illnesses people suffer with every year.

Important to know and inform about the new N95 Anti-Viral Surgical Respirator Mask:

* In addition to viruses and bacteria, our NIOSH N95 mask blocks SARS and MERS coronaviruses, influenza, measles, and tuberculosis.
* Effective against toxic gases, allergens such as tree, wood, and grass pollen, and the common air pollutants PM2.5 and PM10.
* Test results in charts and tables show the mask was able to inactivate coronavirus (SARS and MERS), rhinovirus, measles, and herpes simplex virus all within one minute and 18 common seasonal and pandemic influenza A and B viruses within five minutes.